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KillProcess 4.3 : Explore and Kill any Windows Process

PhotoRenamer 4.1 : Powerful Picture Files Renamer

EventCountDown 1.0 : A tiny Count Down to any Future Event

Isanaki 2.6b: Multilingual Free Sudoku and Wordoku Generator, Solver, Helper and Printer

Horses 2.0: Turn Tokens Upside Down with Chess Horses-like Moves

DLXSolver 1.0: Dancing Links Sudoku Solver for Windows (based on Zerodlx)
     Process Control and Automation      Mathematical Recreations

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1: A Free OPC Data Acquisition Client

HailStone Number : Up and Down with Numbers
     Geometrical Fractals      General Interest

Acheron 2.0 : Display of Geometrical Fractals

   Von Koch Snow Flakes    Hilbert Curve    Minkowski Curve   
   Peano Curve    Mandelbrot Curve    Squares Curve   
   Sierpinski Curve    Cesaro Curve    Sierpinski Objects   
   Heighway Curve               


A View of the Samaria Gorge : Walking in one of the longest gorge in Europe

World Weather A Quick View to Weather around the World

Animated Isanaki Pictures : Animated Isanaki Sudoku and Wordoku
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Brit Floyd in Concert at Ostende (Belgium) on 1st Nov 2014

Italian Dire Straits in Concert at the 'Spirit of 66' (Verviers, Belgium)

Australian Pink Floyd in Concert at Ostende(Belgium) on 18th May 2015