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Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b: a free Multilingual Sudoku and Wordoku Game, Board Generator, Solver and Printer

About Isanaki Sudoku

Version: Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b
Language: Visual C++
Size: 1772 Kb (Statically linked)

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Sudoku Board
Hint for a 9*9 Board
Cell Selection Dialog Box
Special Board Generation
Page Setup

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Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b

Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is a free Multilingual Sudoku and Wordoku Game, a Sudoku Board Generator, Solver and Printer designed for Windows 2K and XP. In this release, using the brute-force technique, it solves all boards (to the best of my knowledge) and, using logical deduction, it solves most of the hard Sudoku boards.

PhotoRenamer 3.3 Screen Overview
Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b Screen Overview

Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b supports English, French, Spanish and Dutch languages... More to come according to request !!!

The goal of this game is to fill the board so that each number appears only once in any row, column and block. Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is designed to help you finding the solution of 9 * 9 and 16 * 16 Sudoku Boards. If you can't stand waiting fo the solution, in a few milliseconds, Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b finds it for you ...

Sudoku and Wordoku

Since version 2.1, Isanaki handles both Sudoku and Wordoku boards. While the Sudoku boards contain only numbers from 1 to 9 (and letters from A to G for 16*16 boards), Wordoku boards contain only letters. Letters assignment can be done in three ways: random letters assigment, letters from random words and/or user-defined assignment. See below for details ...


Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is a simple executable file. No complex installation scripting required. Just extract the files from the .zip and copy them wherever you want. I would recommend to create a sub-directory ( i.e Isanaki) in the directory C:\Program Files.
That's it !!!
Note that Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is provided with a text file containing a list of common 9 letters Words ( in fact, a simplified version of a text file kindly provided by Michael Markov). This file is used by Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b to assign letters in Wordoku Boards.


A Sudoku Board is made up of cells (81 cells in a 9*9 Board and 256 cells in a 16*16 Board) divided in Rows (horizontal lines), Columns (vertical lines) and Boxes containing 9 (3*3) or 16 (4*4) cells. The rows, columns and boxes are called Groups. Every group must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9 ( in a 9*9 Board) or from 1 to 9 and A to G ( for 16*16 Board) At the start, some cells are filled with numbers called Clues or Givens. The numbers added when solving the game are simply called solved cells. Odd enough, it seems that no specific name describes these cells. I call them Quest.

Features Detailed Features

1. Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
Additional languages will be added according to proposed collaboration. Note that the help for translation is done strictly on a voluntary basis. I will be grateful to you and award your work in the Web Site and the About Box of Isanaki Sudoku. Please contact TGMDev for more informations.

2. Features
  • Support for 9*9 and 16*16 boards
  • Support for Sudoku and Wordoku
  • Board saving and retrieval from Isanaki binary file
  • Board Import: manually, from Isanaki binary file, text files (.txt .msk .sdk .sol .spf and .ss) and clipboard
  • Board Export: to text files and clipboard
  • Automatic update of the pencil marks
  • Data Entry by keyboard and mouse
  • Support for Menu Accelerators
  • Copy of Current Board to ClipBoard (Accelerator CTRL+C)
  • 256-level of Undo-Redo
  • Page Setup for Board print
  • Print Board with preview
  • Print of Multi-Boards Pages: 2, 4 or 6 boards per page with solutions at the end of the printouts
  • Fading Colours Cells: Six Different Fading Style from Start Colour to End colour
  • Candidates Highlight
  • Delete erroneous numbers with Delete key
  • Highlight of erroneous cells
  • Blocks Line Separator in Board (Screen and Printouts)
  • Full colours customization
  • Graphical User-Interface: Bitmap Buttons, Custom TitleBar, XP-Style menus with icons, ...
  • Zoom support 50% to 400%
  • Self-Check for Application Updates
3. Generator
  • 6 levels of difficulty: from very easy to fiendish (9*9 and 16*16 Boards)
  • Improved Generator Speed
  • Generation of puzzle with Unique solution
  • Generation of symmetric or non-symmetric boards
  • Improved Support for Wordoku Boards
  • Custom Board generation: solving technique to use, occurrence number, difficulty level
  • Possibility to use command-line parameters to automate boards generation
    To get a quick view of this feature, call Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b with the /HELP parameter. More About this Here ...
    While generating boards, Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b displays the progress of the operation:

    Generating Off-Line Boards

  • Very Fast generator
4. Solver
  • Brute-force algorithm solver
  • Logical deduction solver
  • Customizable Techniques Hierarchy
  • Log file of the techniques used for solving
  • Very fast solver
  • Customization available: use of brute force technique
  • Batch processing of multiple boards with log of results and solving statistics
5. Helper
  • Disallow invalid entry
  • Easy data entry by keyboard
  • Data entry with mouse (direct or by right-click on cell)
  • Multiple Cells Selection for Fast Candidate Removal
  • Display Hint graphically so that you see the logic behind the hint
  • Hint Data displayed on Left Panel
  • Switch at any time from Sudoku to Wordoku and vice-versa
  • Addition of Shortcuts for Candidate Hightlight : mouse click on Candidate buttons while pression the Alt Key
6. Printer
  • Print Board s with Settings different than Screen Settings
  • Smart Display of Candidates in Paper Printouts (Candidates are located in the half top of the cells, instead of being in the center)
  • Header and Footer Customization (for Single Board Printouts)
  • Print Multiple Boards per Pages: 2, 4, 6 or 12 boards per page
  • Print Solution Boards: 6 or 12 boards per page

Solving Techniques

Since version 2.0, Isanaki applies the most common techniques used to solve Sudoku boards. Advanced techniques are added in each release of the application. Meanwhile, its resolving capacity is able to solve most of the boards found in magazines or on the Web.

The following techniques are used:
  • Single in a Box
  • Single in a Row
  • Single in a Column
  • Hidden Single in a Box
  • Hidden Single in a Row
  • Hidden Single in a Column
  • Naked Single in a Box
  • Pointing Pair Reduction in a Row
  • Pointing Pair Reduction in a Column
  • Box Line Reduction in a Row
  • Box Line Reduction in a Col
  • Naked Pair in a Box
  • Naked Pair in a Row
  • Naked Pair in a Column
  • Hidden Pair in a Box
  • Hidden Pair in a Row
  • Hidden Pair in a Column
  • Naked Triple in a Box
  • Naked Triple in a Row
  • Naked Triple in a Column
  • Hidden Triple in a Box
  • Hidden Triple in a Row
  • Hidden Triple in a Column
  • Naked Quad in a Box
  • Naked Quad in a Row
  • Naked Quad in a Column
  • Remote Pairs
  • XY-Chains
  • Unique Rectangle Type I
  • Unique Rectangle Type II
  • Single Colours
  • X Wings
  • Y Wings
  • Forced Chains
  • Brute-Force Guess (Note that the use of this technique is optional)
Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b provides support for customizable solving techniques hierarchy. Using this advanced option, it is possible to control the way Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b solve the board. The default behaviour remains unchanged: simplest techniques first, then techniques with increasing complexity and, finally, brute-force guess. This ranking can be modified and stored for later reuse. Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b handles up to 20 different solving hierarchies.


The developpment of Isanaki Sudoku would have been much more difficult without the following authors sharing their code on the Web:

AuthorClass DescriptionStatusSource
Guenter StertenbrinkBoard Generator Suexg16fHighly modified
Jean-Louis GuenegoCDFVCtrlNot modified
Andy BrownCResizingDialogSlightly modified
Hung Nguyen Modified by B. MinetDialog Splitter (CSplitterControl)Slightly modified
Davide CalabroCButtonST (MFC Flat buttons)Not modified
Oleg BykovCPictureExNot modified
Brent CorkumBCMenuNot Modified
Dave LordeCustom CaptionsSlightly modified
Chris MaunderCHyperLinkNot Modified
Patrik SvenssonCFontStaticNot modified
Matt WeagleCGradientProgressCtrlNot modified
Petr Novotny - Modified by Andy MetcalfeCDisabledItemComboBoxNot modified
Marc RicharmeCCreditsCtrlNot modified

The following freewares were used throughout the developpment of Isanaki Sudoku

ApplicationWeb Site
Icon Editor IcoFX

The following free sources were used to improve the graphical features of Isanaki Sudoku

DescriptionWeb Site
Icons Pack on Freeiconsweb
Animated Gifs
Animated Sudoku Icon by Puddles4444
Flags Icons

Special Thanks for Translation

  Translation      Author    
SpanishCorinne Marneffe (from Belgium)
DutchRobinU (from the Netherlands)

Special Tanks for Help in Debugging and Comments on Isanaki Sudoku

RicRobin UMichael Markov
campamaxJim WilsonCTC
Dr PiresJean-Louis PelissonYvon Lariviļæ½re
Emmanuel Brouillard

Bug Report

Please report any bug to

Features Request

The following Features were requested and are planned in a near future:
  • Samourai Boards (9*9 and 16*16)
  • Sudoku Snake
  • Pattern-Based Boards
  • Advanced Hint Features
  • Improved Graphical Interface
  • Support for Portuguese Language
Please send any request to

Rate Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b

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Safe Use of Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b

The TGMDev computers are protected by the latest version of Norton Internet Security. To the best of our knowledge, the application is virus-free. Also, Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is guaranteed to be spyware-free.

Download Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b

The application Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is written according to the standard techniques and recommendations for the development of applications for Windows. The application has been tested extensively to verify its correct behaviour and memory management and to determine its effectiveness on different computers including network-linked computers.

The author makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to this application and not be liable in any event for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, loss of profit or data, interruption of business arising out of the performance or use of this program, even if the author has been advised to the possibility of such damages.

Download and Use of this software indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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