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About PhotoRenamer 4.1
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
App. Version:4.1
Appl. Size:7.83 MB (8.219.136 bytes)
Creation Date:11-Mar-‎2018 ‏‎19:36:26 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:9.43 MB (9.892.153 bytes)
Installer Date:‎11-Mar-‎2018 19:39:15 (GMT+1)

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      Here is an outline of the history of PhotoRenamer. At the beginning, this application was scrictly written for personal use. Friends ask me to get copies of the application.With comments coming from place to place, the application evolved gradually to finally give (hopefully ..) a useful utility ...

Thanks to all people that help improving PhotoRenamer 4.1 by sending useful comments, providing bright ideas and giving nice words on this piece of work....

PhotoRenamer 4.1

Release Date: 11 March 2018
  • 1. Addition of a New Rename Type 'Rename and Delete' that copy and rename the pictures in a Target Directory AND delete the original files in the Source Directory.
  • 2. Improvement of the Dialog box for Selection of Backup and/or Target Directory
  • 3. Official Release of Short %C Format Specification (%C1 to %C5)
  • 4. New option to Display either File Nales Only of Complete File Path
  • 5. Update of About Box
PhotoRenamer 4.0c (Minor Release)

Release Date: 20 August 2017

PhotoRenamer 4.0c is a minor release, distributed mainly as beta release.
  • 1. Addition of Counter Masks %C1 to %C5 to Allow Short Picture Counters
PhotoRenamer 4.0b (Minor Release)

Release Date: 12 February 2017

PhotoRenamer 4.0b is a minor release to correct a bug introduced during the development of the release 4.0.
  • 1. Correction of a bug when renaming files with duplicates
  • 2. Correct Handling of Options in Registry
PhotoRenamer 4.0a (Minor Release)

Release Date: 4 February 2017
  • 1. Correction of Missing Option Storage to Registry (in Edit All Settings Dialog Box)
  • 2. Improvement of Error Handling on Video help Error
  • 3. Improvement of Registration process (can be now done in two different sessions)
  • 4. Addition of Email Adress requirement for Feedback/Request (to allow further information exchanges)
  • 5. Removal of Small User Interface inconsistencies
PhotoRenamer 4.0
PhotoRenamer 4.0a

PhotoRenamer 4.0

Release Date: 11 Novembre 2016
  • 1. Important Redesign of User Interface, now mainly based on Application Ribbon
  • 2. Addition of New Format Specifications: %DT, %KI, %K, %KA ..
  • 3. Addition of Photo Counter (%C) Format Specification
  • 4. Improved Renaming Mask Editor
  • 5. Renaming Masks, Keywords and Data Entries stored in a local database
  • 6. Complete Redesign of Internal PhotoRenamer Renaming Engine
  • 7. Complete Redesign of Internal Photo Data Management
  • 8. Addition of Visual Help using Video Files (flv format)
  • 9. Addition of a free Registration Process
PhotoRenamer 4.0
PhotoRenamer 4.0

PhotoRenamer 3.4

Release Date: 12 Oct 2013
  • 1. Handling of Portable Devices (Mobiles Tested at Release: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Wiko and iPhone)
  • 2. Correction of a Bug in Preview Window Handling
  • 3. Improvement of Original Windows Size
  • 4. Increase of Minimal Windows Size to avoid numerous Control overlaps
PhotoRenamer 3.3
PhotoRenamer 3.4

PhotoRenamer 3.3

Release Date: 03 Aug 2013
  • 1. Modification of Installation Setup to Comply with Windows 8 Requirements for Data and Application Installation Folders
  • 2. Browsing the Pictures List in the Files Rename View
  • 3. Browsing the Pictures List in the File Details View
  • 4. Possibility to Show or Hide the ToolTip Information Windows
  • 5. Correction of a Bug occurring when a USB Stick and other removable storage support is removed
PhotoRenamer 3.3
PhotoRenamer 3.3

PhotoRenamer 3.2

Release Date: 26 Oct 2012
  • 1. Extended Display Modes for the Photo List
    1. No thumbnails (very fast file list update)
    2. Raw thumbnails (quite fast)
    3. High-Resolution Thumbnails ( quite slow). The high-res thumbnails are rotated automatically and scaled correctly.
  • 2. Enhanced File Selection
    1. Multiple File Selection Masks (comma separated)
    2. Elaborate Mask (use of wild-cards symbols * and ?)
    3. Case Sensitive Selection
  • 3. Advanced Renaming Mask Edition (No more requirement to switch to the Mask Edition View)
  • 4. Automatic Update of File Times based on Exif Data (renaming with update of the file time status (creation date/time and modification date/time))
  • 5. New Renaming Mask (%F) to allows the insertion of the original file name in the new file name
  • 6. Tool Tips Display
PhotoRenamer 3.2
PhotoRenamer 3.2

PhotoRenamer 3.1

Release Date: 30 Jun 2012
  • 1. Possibility to Rename in a different directory
  • 2. Possibility to Backup to a different directory before renaming pictures
  • 3. Toggle ON or Off Image Preview
  • 4. Display of Complete Path on request
  • 5. Support for Burst Mode or Poorly Discriminant Mask (by adding a sequential suffix to file names)
    •     Implementation of Suffix Mask
    •     Implementation of Duplicate File Names Renaming with Suffix Mask
  • 6. Improved Preview Window: Flicker Free Preview and Controls
  • 7. Preview Auto Rotation
  • 8. Improved Ribbon Buttons
PhotoRenamer 3.1
PhotoRenamer 3.1

PhotoRenamer 3.0

Release Date: 25 Feb 2012
  • 1. Complete Rewriting of the User Interface on Visual Studio 2010
  • 2. Compliance with Windows 7
  • 3. Complete Implementation of Renaming Mask
  • 4. Display of Exif Data (60 Exif data displayed if available)
  • 5. Automatic Directory update if file(s) in current directory are modified outside PhotoRenamer
  • 6. Support for Multi_monitor (first implementation)
PhotoRenamer 3.0
PhotoRenamer 3.0

PhotoRenamer 2.0

Release Date: 16 Oct 2010

First release readily available on the Web
  • 1. Improved User Interface
  • 2. First Implementation of File Preview
  • 3. Improved Renaming Process
PhotoRenamer 2.0
PhotoRenamer 2.0

PhotoRenamer 1.2a

Release Date: 16 Oct 2010

This version was released on the Web but with limited diffusion to friends and early adopters.
  • 1. Improved file selection
  • 2. First Implementation of Renaming Mask
  • 3. Improved User Interface
PhotoRenamer 1.2a
PhotoRenamer 1.2a

PhotoRenamer 1.1

Release Date: 01 Nov 2007

This version was never released on the Web.

PhotoRenamer 1.1
PhotoRenamer 1.1