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PhotoRenamer 4.1

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About PhotoRenamer 4.1
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
App. Version:4.1
Appl. Size:7.83 MB (8.219.136 bytes)
Creation Date:11-Mar-‎2018 ‏‎19:36:26 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:9.43 MB (9.892.153 bytes)
Installer Date:‎11-Mar-‎2018 19:39:15 (GMT+1)

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Registering, Feedback and Support

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      Handling of File Extention by PhotoRenamer 4.1

By default, PhotoRenamer 4.1 leaves the file extention unchanged by adding the format specification %FE automatically. The default behaviour can be modified easily using two different format specifications.

 Specification  Description
 %FE File Extention Left Unchanged (Added Automatically if Not Present in Mask)
 %FEU File Extention as UpperCase
 %FEL File Extention as LowerCase

To do this, you must explicitely add the format specification (%FEU or %FEL) at the end of the renaming mask.

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