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About PhotoRenamer 4.1
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
App. Version:4.1
Appl. Size:7.83 MB (8.219.136 bytes)
Creation Date:11-Mar-‎2018 ‏‎19:36:26 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:9.43 MB (9.892.153 bytes)
Installer Date:‎11-Mar-‎2018 19:39:15 (GMT+1)

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      Edition of Renaming Masks used by PhotoRenamer 4.1

When a folder is first selected, PhotoRenamer 4.1 displays all the photos with the proposal for new name based on the current renaming mask. The default mask used by PhotoRenamer 4.1 shows the date and time the photo was taken. But this base renaming mask can be customized using the 53 different format specifications.

The renaming mask can be modified in two different ways:
  1. Direct Mask Edition:
    This edition is done directly in the renaming mask control in the central pane of TGMDev PhotoRenamer. This is used for basic change of the renaming mask or if you know the different mask specifications handled by the application as %C for photo counter, %K as Keyword selection, and so on.

  2. Complete Mask Edition using Mask Editor:
    The Renaming Mask Editor provides a good support for the complete set of format specifications available with PhotoRenamer 4.1.
A. Direct Mask Edition

The Renaming mask control provides the standard features of a Windows edit control. Once you master the master, it's quite easy to modify the renaming mask. As usual, the click on the 'Apply Renaming Mask' triggers the renaming of the files listed.

Remember that, at that point, this is only a proposal for renaming photos. This is showed graphically with files whose names are listed in black.

A click on the button 'Rename Selected Files' or on the button 'Rename All Files' is required to actually rename the files.

Notice the different colors used according to the renamed status of the files (Blue for Renamed photoso and Black for unchanged photos)

B. Renaming Mask Editor

The easiest way to edit the Renaming Mask is to use the PhotoRenamer 4.1 editor. Click on the button 'Edit Renaming Mask' to trigger the Editor on screen.

The dialog box shows the current mask, the mask description and a preview of the renaming process, using the current renaming mask on a standard file name. By default, this sample file is name IGM 01234.
The complete features available for editing the renaming mask are also explained in the Visual Help of this Dialog Box. Simply Click on the Greenee icon to get Help.