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About KillProcess 4.3    
Language:Visual C++
IDE:Visual Studio 2019
App. Version:4.3
Appl. Size:8.12 MB
8.520.192 bytes
Creation Date:30-May-2020 15:17:59
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:3.02 MB
3.170.152 bytes
Installer Date:‎30-May-2020 15:30:06

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      KillProcess Stress Testing

The Scan and Kill feature of KillProcess 4.3 has been tested extensively to check its performance and correct memory handling behaviour.
A dedicated application was written to start 5 applications randomly with an average frequency of about 10 starts every minute, so that KillProcess 4.3 had to kill between 50 and 55 application every minute.

Note: the application 'TestNoClose' does not respond gracefully to the WM_CLOSE message and required the use of the function TerminateProcess, which takes much longer time to kill this perculiar application.

KillProcessTest and KillProcess were started at the same time. The Scan and Kill Feature of KillProcess 4.3 was configured to kill the 5 applications (started randowly by KillProcessTest ) with a Scan and Kill frequency of 5 seconds.

KillProcess 4.3 Stress Testing

The stress testing was repeated several times, with figures up to 15000 applications started and killed continuously. No problem occured during these stress testings.