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About KillProcess 4.3    
Language:Visual C++
IDE:Visual Studio 2019
App. Version:4.3
Appl. Size:8.12 MB
8.520.192 bytes
Creation Date:30-May-2020 15:17:59
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:3.02 MB
3.170.152 bytes
Installer Date:‎30-May-2020 15:30:06

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      KillProcess Database Maintenance

The SQLite database (called KillProcess.sq3) is used by KillProcess 4.3 to store the Scan and Kill Data Sets and the different events occuring during the use of the application. This database can be maintained easily and made clean if required ...
See Event Logging for details about KillProcess 4.3 events storage.

Maintenance of the Event log of KillProcess 4.3

    From the Event Log Dialog (See Event Logging for details), a button menu is available for the maintenance of the KillProcess 4.3 database. This is required only if the database size is increasing too much for your disk space. Note that even a huge database size will have only a barely noticeable effect on speed of KillProcess 4.3 operations.

    The actions for the database maintenance are available by clicking on the button labeled 'Database Maintenance'.

    KillProcess 4.3 Database Maintenance

    Four actions are provided:
    • Delete Oldest 1000 Events Records
    • Delete Oldest 5000 Events Records
    • Delete All Events Records
    • Compress Database