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About KillProcess 4.3    
Language:Visual C++
IDE:Visual Studio 2019
App. Version:4.3
Appl. Size:8.12 MB
8.520.192 bytes
Creation Date:30-May-2020 15:17:59
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:3.02 MB
3.170.152 bytes
Installer Date:‎30-May-2020 15:30:06

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      History of TGMDev KillProcess

Here is an outline of the history of TGMDev KillProcess. At the real beginning, this application was requested by a friend who was (and still is) a brilliant system engineer. I got caught up in the game and decided to go on. The very first releases were distributed somewhat confidentially but, with comments from the Web, the application evolved gradually to finally give (hopefully ..) a useful utility ...

Thanks to all people that help improving KillProcess 4.3 by sending useful comments, providing bright ideas and giving nice words on this piece of work....

Kill Process 4.3

Release Date: 30 May 2020

KillProcess 4.3 was started following a user's request to minimize the application to the system tray. I took the opportunity of this request to update KillProcess using the latest release of Visual Studio Community 2019 and improve different features of KillProcess. Thank you, Kenneth, for initiating request and debugging help.

KillProcess History - Release 4.3
  1. Minimize to Tray: New option added to Minimize in the Taskbar (as usual) and in the System Tray
  2. Improved Timer Precision during Scan and Kill using Windows Timer Queue
  3. Improvement of the Dialog Box for Configuration of KillProcess 4.3 Scan and Kill
  4. Improved Description of Events and Data Display in Action Log of KillProcess
  5. Integration with the New Web Layout and URLs for KillProcess 4.3
  6. Improvement of KillProcess 4.3 Reaction on Database Loss
  7. Overall Obsolete Code Cleanup (KillProcess 4.2 was designed several years ago ....)
  8. Update of KillProcess About Box: Switch to the New TGMDev Standard with Scrolling Links to Web Sites

Kill Process 4.2

Release Date: 15 August 2016

KillProcess 4.2 have never been released on the Web.

Kill Process 4.1

Release Date: 8 February 2014

  1. IAutomatic Start of Configured Scan and Kill Feature
  2. New Parameter (/MINIMIZE) to Start KillProcess 4.1 in a Minimized State
  3. Change in the User Interface and Scan and Kill DialogBox to support AutoStart

Kill Process 4.0

Release Date: 19 November 2013

KillProcess History - Release 4.0
  1. Complete Re-Writing of the Application User Interface
  2. Implementation of Process Elevation to Run the Application As Admin
  3. Implementation of Process Data Property Views: Process Data, Version Data, Modules Data, Services Data, File Data and Web Data
  4. Implementation of Terminate Process with Confirmation for critical processes
  5. Improvement of Process Scan and Kill Feature
  6. Integration of SQLite to handle data storage in a SQL databasee
  7. First Implementation of Events Logging in SQLite Tables
  8. Integration of a DialogBox with DOS devices

Kill Process 3.1

Release Date: 9 April 2012

KillProcess History - Release 3.1
  1. Minor version with some bugs smashing

Kill Process 3.0

Release Date: 4 December 2010

KillProcess History - Release 3.0
  1. Partial Re-Writing of the Application User Interface (based on UI trends of that time ...)
  2. First Implementation of Process Scan and Kill Feature
  3. First Integration of PayPal Donation Icon (with poor results, I must say ..)

Kill Process 2.1

Release Date: 22 November 2008

  1. Minor bugs correction

Kill Process 2.0

Release Date: 23 August 2008

KillProcess History - Release 2.0
  1. Complete Re-Writing of the Application User Interface
  2. Extraction and Display of Application Icons
  3. Compliance with the new requirements of Windows 7
  4. Compliance with Visual Studio 2010

Kill Process 1.2

Release Date: 10 August 2008

KillProcess History - Release 1.2
  1. Improvement of Process Data View by implementing Extendable DialogBox

Kill Process 1.1

Release Date: 7 May 2003

KillProcess 11";
  1. Small Bugs smashing
  2. First Implementation of KillProcess Events logging (in csv files)

Kill Process 1.0

Release Date: 3 May 2003

This very first release was an exploratory application in the field of Windows process termination. It has never been released on Internet and, mainly, used personnaly to check for possible progress.

KillProcess 10";
  1. Quick and Dirty First Release