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EventCountDown 1.0

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About EventCountDown 1.0
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
App. Version:1.0
Appl. Size:3.78 MB (3.968.000 bytes)
Creation Date:31-Oct-‎2020 ‏17:51:08 (GMT+1)

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      Safe Use of EventCountDown 1.0

The TGMDev computers are protected by the latest version of Norton Internet Security. To the best of our knowledge, the application is virus-free. Also, EventCountDown 1.0 is garanteed to be spyware-free.

Original Files Data for EventCountDown 1.0

FileSizeCreation DateMD5
EventCountDown.exe3.968.000 bytes31-Oct-2020 17:51:1107BD454BE81CA78574ACDFC48C018E58
ECD_Setup.exe1.749.074 bytes01-Nov-2020 11:27:336FBA5103870C2E94E55BC4015EDFBE89

Note: MD5 figures from MD5Check