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Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

Genesis OPC Explorer Section

About Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

Language: Visual C++
Version: 3.0
Size: 12.009 Kb
Installation File: 6826 Kb

The copyrights for Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0 belong to TGMDev. You are allowed to copy and distribute this software provided that it remains unaltered (No software Addition) and free (except a small fee for the software distribution)

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0 is a freeware but you can contribute to its development by supporting TGMDev.

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The OutlookBar Control, located at the left of the application window, shows three different buttons:

Genesis OPC Explorer Genesis Projects Explorer DCOM Settings
Genesis OPC Explorer Section Genesis Projects Explorer Section DCOM Settings Section

The first section of Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0 is used to setup the data acquisition, controled in the second section and visualized in the third one.

Genesis OPC Explorer Section OPC Explorer Setup
  1. Connection to an OPC Server
    • Selection of a Local OPC Server (either OPCEnum or Registry Lookup)
    • Selection of a Network OPC Server (Standard Windows Network Browsing)
    • Selection of an OPC Server from Direct Host Selection
    • Direct Selection of an OPC Server (giving OPC Server Id and Server GUID
  2. Addition, Removal and Edition of Attributes of OPC Group(s) in the Selected OPC Server
  3. Addition and Removal OPC Items(s) in the OPC Groups
  4. Addition, Removal and Edition of Calculated Data from OPC Items(s)
  5. Saving Data Acquisition Configuration in Genesis Projects (Storage in Local SQLite Database)
  6. Loading Data Acquisition Configuration from Genesis Projects
Data Acquisition and Storage
  1. OPC Data Acquisition and Storage
    • Continuous Data Acquisition (Direct Acquisition Start)
    • Time-Controlled Data Acquisition Start
  2. Automatic Data Interpolation for OPC with Slower Acquisition Frequency
  3. Color-Based Data Display
    • Black: Acquired Data (Default Customizable Colour)
    • Blue: Interpolated Data (Default Customizable Colour)
    • Red: Bad Quality Data (Default Customizable Colour)
  4. OPC Data Saving into SQLite Database (Genesis.sq3)
  5. Backup Saving of OPC Data to Text File (csv Excel-Ready Files)
    • Full Data Backup
    • Incremental Data Backup
  6. Copy OPC Data to Clipboard (Excel-Ready Format)
OPC Data Visualization
  1. OPC Data Visualization
    • Update of Chart on Request
    • Real-Time Chart Update
  2. Selection of Data Set to Display in Chart
  3. Data Display on Chart with Two Vertical Axis
  4. Customization of Chart Output
    • Axis Range
      • Automatic
      • Manual
    • Chart Title
    • Chart Legend Position
    • Pen Colour
  5. Export Chart Display to Image (jpg)

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