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Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

Genesis OPC Server View: Addition, Modification and Removal of Acquired OPC Item(s)

About Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

Language: Visual C++
Version: 3.0
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Addition, Modification and Removal of Acquired OPC Item(s)

Adding acquired Item(s) to an OPC Group requires beforehand the selection of an OPC Server (click here to get details on selection of an OPC Server) and the addition of an OPC Group (click here to get details on addition of an OPC Group).
Addition of calculated item(s) to an OPC Group is explained here

1. Addition of OPC Item

After OPC Group Selection, the third step is the creation of OPC Item(s) in existing OPC Group(s).

Trigger OPC Item(s) Addition

Two methods are available to start the OPC Item(s) Addition
  • Select the OPC Group to Add Items(s) to and Click on the Ribbon Button 'Add OPC Item(s)' in the Ribbon Tab 'OPC Server'

  • Add Acquired OPC Item(s) from Ribbon

  • Right-Click the OPC Group (to add item(s) to) in the 'OPC Server Setup' Tree Control and Select the menu 'Add, Modify and Remove Acquired OPC Item(s)'

  • Add Acquired OPC Item(s) from Context Menu

Select OPC Item(s)

The 'OPC Item Addition, Modification and Removal' dialog box pops up. Browse the Hierarchy of the OPC Server and Select the Required OPC Data Object.

Select Item(s) of OPC Server Data Object

Note that the selection of the OPC Server Data Object ('Random' in the Print Screen) triggers the filling of the table of the available OPC Item(s) in the selected OPC Server Data Object.

Click on the 'Add' Button to Add the Selected Items()s to the List of OPC Item(s) of the Current OPC Group
Add OPC Item(s) to OPC Group

Note that Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0 automatically builds the Fully Qualified Item Names and Create the Default Short Item Identifier.

These identifiers will be used for:
Confirm OPC Item(s) addition by clicking on the 'Ok' button.

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0 updates the OPC Server View with the newly added OPC Item(s).

2. Modification of OPC Item

Trigger OPC Item Modification

In the 'OPC Item Addition, Modification and Removal' dialog box, click on the 'Short Tag' column of an existing item of the OPC Group

Edit OPC Item
Edit OPC Item

Confirmation OPC Item Modification

The dialog box 'Edit Short Tag' pops up and allows the modification of the Short Tag Identifier.

Edit OPC Item Short Tag Id

Edit the Short Tag Identifier and Confirm OPC Item Modification by clicking on the 'Ok' button.

This Identifier is useful for: Note that Short Tag Identifier must be unique. If the item violates this rule, an Error Message Box pops up ....

Error Editing OPC Item Short Tag Id

3. Removal of OPC Item(s)

Open the 'OPC Item Addition, Modification and Removal' dialog box as explained above. Click on the 'Delete' button to Remove the selected OPC Item from the OPC Item List of the Current OPC Group.

Confirm with the 'Ok' button. Note that there is no Confirmation Request from Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0.

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